Snow storm?

The snow falls not softly, but fierce, a cold wind cuts across and going out feels like running along and icy ridge. Driving is treacherous and we have had already a fair share of delays this past week and this adds to everything. I wish there will not be another day off school due to the weather conditions! I can see the trees already bending again under the loads of wet snow....It has increased over the last hour and I just hope, it will slow down soon.

It does look beautiful too, and sitting here inside, where it's warm,  but I feel for the poor souls out there without a home... Don't forget to give something this season, there are many charities and right now I drop of food items and clothing, we can spare, at the local collection station. There are also the firefighters and the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and churches, all ready to take donations. Please be generous.

In front of our house around 4:30PM....

And just 20 minutes later.....

Oh, mother nature! What's next?

All images by V.Zlotkowski


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