The Uncommon Appeal Of Clouds

I have an affinity to clouds, and therefore the title The Uncommon Appeal Of Clouds in the latest installment of Alexander McCall Smith Isabel Dalhousie series instantly warmed my heart. Since I discovered his writing, his books champion a special spot in my reading heart. I love his philosophical ruminations, his quirky characters and the smart wit he brings to all his stories. He is a wonderful writer, one, who looks with gentle kindness and friendly humor towards his fellow neighbors, may they live in Edinburgh or Botswana...

For me, Isabel is a woman with a kindred spirit, the way she thinks and ponders life's essential questions without becoming outlandish is absolutely dear to me.
She has a way of allowing her mind to wander, sometimes into odd thoughts, deep or trivial, which I can relate to.

If you are looking for a gentle way to notch you into getting off the beaten thinking path and look for a delightful journey into her Edinburgh of today, her family and adventures, you will not be disappointed.

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Enjoy this and many of his other books. You might get hooked.....

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